Assigning Header

How to Assign WPDaddy Header#

When your website header is ready, you can assign it either globally to the whole WordPress website or specific page. Please follow these steps to do that.

Use It As a Default Header For the Whole Website#

  1. Please open WPDaddy Builder section in your WordPress dashboard and click "Settings" in the header that you want to assign.
  2. You will get a popup window with the settings for that specific header.
  3. Make the proper changes and click "Save Settings".

The status "active/inactive" shows the global activity. If the header is assigned to the specific page, the status will be "inactive" here.

Use the Header On the Specific Page#

  1. Please open that page in Elementor editor.
  2. You will see a WPDaddy Builder control panel icon.
  3. Click that icon, in the popup window please assign the header.
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