Demo Content Import

1. Make sure that your server environment meets Ewebot minimum requirements
2. Please delete the standard WordPress import/export plugin
3. Please disable any demo import, cache or optimization plugins
4. Keep active only required plugins

Since version 2.3.5 we released an advanced demo content import tool. It’s an absolutely new tool that works with the Ewebot demo data. Using this tool you import only that data and media that are used on the pages, posts etc. no more duplicated media files, data etc.

Our customers have 3 options to import the demo content.

  • Import All Content
  • Import Home Pages
  • Custom Import

How to Install Ewebot WP Theme Video Tutorial#

Import All Content#

With the first one you can import the entire content of the demo website. Please note that it will take some time to import the data because of the number of images on the demo website.

Since theme version 3.0.3 we replaced the old demo import for the entire content with absolutely new "Demo Import Wizard" tool. This is a smart wizard which allows you do everything within a single wizard popup window, choose either to install the WordPress child theme, reset the WordPress, select which plugins you want to install and more...

This is deprecated "Demo Import" tool which was replaced with the new one in theme version 3.0.3

Import Home Pages#

The second option allows you to import only the homepages, import a single page or selected ones. Simply select the homepages and import them to your WordPress website.

Custom Import#

This option allows you to specify what exactly you want to import from the entire demo content.

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