Customizer & Elementor Options

Theme options have been moved from Redux to the native WordPress Customizer. The global typography and color options to Elementor in order to improve the flexibility and speed. Now you can see the changes instantly on your website.

Global Theme Options#

Please open your WordPress dashboard and navigate to Customizer -> Theme Options

The Ewebot theme options panel have the following sections in Customizer:

  • General
  • Typography
  • Preloader
  • Page Title
  • Blog
  • CPT
  • Sidebars
  • Google Map
  • Optimization

Global Theme Typography & Color Options#

Global fonts and color settings are managed in Elementor:

Questions & Answers#

Modifying Page Title Section

You have 2 options to modify this part of the page. It’s called "Page Title" section.

  • The global settings can be modified in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Page Title.
  • If it is a custom page title designed for the specific page, then you can modify it in the "Page Options".

Adding Custom Sidebars

We have a built-in WordPress sidebar generator. You can generate unlimited number of custom sidebars and use them on your website pages.

Please navigate to Customizer -> Theme Options -> Sidebars and add a new custom sidebar.

When the custom sidebar has been added, you can find it in Appearance -> Widgets.


To display the custom sidebar on the page, please open the page in edit mode and select the sidebar from the drop-down menu in Page Settings -> Page Layout

Activating Page Preloader

You can enable/disable preloader globally in Customizer -> Theme Options -> Preloader


Please note that some pages can have the custom settings. To enable/disable the preloader on the page, please open the page in edit mode and select the desired option in Custom Page Options -> Preloader Options.

Bubbles Option

You can manage the "Bubbles Option" globally in Customizer -> Theme Options -> General

To manage this option on the specific page, you have do that in the "Page Options".

Floating Elements

You can manage all the floating elements in "Elementor" editor on your website.

  • Please select the section where those items are located and find HTML or Image elements using the navigator tool (right-click to activate Elementor navigator).
  • Replace those elements with your own ones. Each element should have a custom CSS class "gt3_rotated_element" which can be added in that element’s extra settings Advanced -> CSS classes.

Adding Custom Fonts

The Ewebot theme has an option which allows you to add the custom fonts instead of using Google web fonts. To add the custom font, please do the following:

  • Please navigate to Appearance -> Customizer -> Theme Options -> Typography
  • Click "Add New" button, enter its name and save the changes
  • Then click "Edit" and upload the entire fonts library that you've downloaded from Google web fonts repository or you can upload the specific font style that you need
  • All the uploaded fonts will appear in your Elementor global typography section where you can assign a new font

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