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How to Translate My Website to Another Language

We recommend using "Loco Translate" plugin which can be downloaded from official WordPress plugins repository.

How to Make The Website Multi Language

We recommend using either a paid plugin "WPML" or a free one "PolyLang". Both plugins work with Ewebot WordPress theme.

How to Fix "The Link You Followed Has Expired"

It's a common issue to have "The link you followed has expired" error in WordPress.

What does it mean? Usually you get this error when you are trying to upload a WordPress theme or a plugin to your website from the WordPress dashboard. There is a special setting which controls the size of the files you can upload in WordPress dashboard. The file size upload limit can be seen in your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Media -> Add New.

The easiest way to change that upload limit is to contact your hosting provider and ask them to do that. The other ways are more complex for the WordPress beginners.

How to Change Portfolio and Team Permalinks

You can easily update the permalinks for the portfolio and team custom post type to your own ones.

Please open your WordPress dashboard, navigate to Appearance -> Customizer -> Theme Options -> Custom Post Types. Put your custom name and save the changes.

How to Create a Custom 404 Page

Since Ewebot theme version 2.5.9 all theme options have been moved to WordPress Customizer.

To have a custom 404 page, please do the following:

  1. Create a regular page in Elementor
  2. Assign that custom 404 error page in Appearance -> Customizer -> Theme options -> General

How to Customize Mailchimp Form

You can add this custom CSS code to the child theme and then modify the colors:

body .mc4wp-form-fields .mc_signup_submit input[type="submit"] {background: #f00; color: #fff}

How to Modify the Price Table

You can modify the pricing list in the following way. To identify which pricing table template is used on the page, please open that specific page and hover over the "Edit with Elementor" top navigation menu. You will see the entire list of the Elementor templates used on the page. It's very easy. Just open that template and start modifying it.

How to Add Site Icon (favicon)

You can add WordPress site icon in this way. Please navigate to Appearance -> Customize -> Site Identity

How to Link Menu Item to any Page Section

You can link a menu item to any page section very easy with Elementor menu anchor widget. Please follow these steps to achieve it.

  1. Please open your page in Elementor and find the section you want to link the menu item to.
  2. Right click to active Elementor navigator
  3. Add "Menu Anchor" widget into the section like on the screenshot
  4. And add the unique ID name in the Anchor settings, in our case it's "demos"
  5. Open your menu in Appearance -> Menus and add that unique ID name to the menu item with # at the very beginning -> #demos

Appearance / Menus#

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